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New Rule URAP 24


Notice was given in the Utah Bar Journal that the Utah appellate courts have begun numbering their decisions and the individual paragraphs within their decisions, anticipating an as yet unadopted public domain citation form. Practitioners may not currently substitute an electronic case law citation for official reporter citations, but may include such an electronic citation as a parallel cite. 

NOTICE (Submitted 9-10-1999 by the Chair)

January 1, 1999, the Utah Supreme Court and the Utah Court of Appeals began to number their released decisions and to number the paragraphs within those decisions. Such numbering is a necessary prerequisite to the development of any so-called universal or public domain citation form. Implementation of the numbering system should not be interpreted as permission to use an electronic case law citation in place of the usual print case law citation in documents filed in the Utah courts. However, practitioners are welcome to include an electronic case cite so long as there is a parallel cite to the official print reporter. Any questions or comments regarding the citation issue should be directed to Matty Branch, Appellate Court Administrator, P. 0. Box 140210, Salt Lake City, UT 84114-0210; (801) 578-3900.